This summerschool is organised by Hochschule Konstanz and the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Sarajevo, in cooperation with Verlab Institute and with the support of the Society for Medical and Biological Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is set to revolutionize the landscape of healthcare innovation.

The goal of the innovative and dynamic "Pharmacy and AI Integration in Advancing Digital Health" summer course is to equip the upcoming generation of healthcare innovators. Participants will set off on a life-changing trip at the nexus of digital health, artificial intelligence, and pharmacy over the course of one intense week. With the use of interregional collaboration and creative technology solutions, this programme seeks to provide young scientists and healthcare professionals with the knowledge, abilities, and collaborative mindset necessary to promote good change in healthcare.

The curriculum lays a lot of focus on encouraging lively conversations and exchanges with respected authorities in the subject. Attendees may anticipate gaining priceless knowledge and firsthand experience that will expand their comprehension of the complex interrelationships of digital health, AI, and pharmacy.

The summer school's participatory approach, which promotes in-person conversations with professionals, is one of its main selling points. This enables participants to explore certain subjects, get individualised advice, and develop a thorough grasp of the nuances at the nexus of pharmacy, artificial intelligence, and digital health.

Through cooperative learning and the provision of a safe space for individual questions, the summer school seeks to not only broaden participants' knowledge but also to sharpen their perspectives and offer useful, real-world insights from  leaders in the respective domains.

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