On Tuesday, June 27th, 2023, a round table discussion was held by the Bosnia and Herzegovina Medical and Biological Engineering Society, focusing on the topic "Artificial Intelligence in Personalized Medicine" at the premises of the Verlab Institute. The invited lecture on the mentioned topic was delivered by Professor Abdulhamit Subasi from Turku University in Finland. Professor Subasi discussed the significance of applying artificial intelligence in personalized medicine, as well as the technical possibilities and limitations of implementing these innovative systems in practice.

In addition to the distinguished speaker, Professor Subasi, researcher Faris Dizdar, an experienced marketing manager with skills in statistical data analysis, design, public health, management, and public speaking, also appeared as a lecturer. Faris presented his project idea, on which he is actively working, while highlighting the role of health and healthy lifestyles to the participants.

Since the roundtable discussion was also streamed online, the audience had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with two approaches to the development of innovative healthcare systems. One approach involves the use of artificial intelligence, while the other aims to develop an expert system based on predefined protocols that are traditionally used in medical practice.

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