On the premises of the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jovana Hadžić, master of psychology and founder of SportUm, former athlete and coach, and today a professional, sports psychologist, held a lecture dedicated to improving the mental health of young people. The goal of this education was to raise awareness of the importance of mental health care among young people, with a special emphasis on providing concrete tools and strategies for overcoming stress, anxiety and depression.
Education represented an opportunity for young people to gain a deeper understanding of their own mental health and to strengthen their emotional capacities. Jovana Hadžić shared professional knowledge and provided useful guidelines so that young people could develop their skills to face the challenges of modern life. Through this education, foundations were created for young, emotionally resilient individuals who are ready to face challenges with a positive attitude.

As in everything, the state of the psyche plays a key role in sports as it can determine the difference between success and failure, shaping the athlete's ability to face challenges, maintain focus and use their full potential.

"It's very important to separate the popular psychology of learning and sports psychology, which is based on techniques. People in popular psychologies think that positive thinking can lead to the best mental state, but it's all much deeper and sometimes that way you can go on the wrong side , go to the extreme and then disappointment comes again. On the other hand, it is the techniques that have a significantly greater impact. In the end, I would say that the first and most important thing in sport is to enjoy and love what you do, and then anything is possible put it in its place," stated Jovana Hadžić.

We continue our dedicated work on improving the well-being of young people and promoting a healthy life in our community!

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