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February 28, 2018
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February 28, 2018

TAIEX - Biosensors, Brčko

TAIEX Event 65375 - BA - TAIEX

Regional Workshop, Biomedical Engineering:
Biosensors 3. and 4. December 2018., Brčko

Report from the workshop held

In Brcko there is 03.12.2018. and 04.12.2018. The two-day workshop on biosensor was held. The workshop was held as part of a series of biomedical engineering workshops conducted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the proposal of the Society for Medical and Biological Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina (DMBIUBIH), under the auspices of the European Commission's program and its instrument for Technical Support and Information Exchange TAIEX.

The Biosensor Workshop is the sixth and, at the same time, the last workshop that was held as part of this project. The workshop brought together researchers, scientists, engineers and students from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia. They, together with the most famous European lecturers invited, created a platform to discuss the latest research, innovative solutions and new challenges in this area, all with the aim of improving the quality of life as a whole.

Among the invited European lecturers were:
- Mr. Michael J. SCHÖNING, Aachen University of Applied Sciences
- Ms. Astrid ORTNER, University of Graz
- Mr. Peter LIEBERZEIT, University of Vienna
- Ms. Denise MOLLINUS, Aachen University of Applied Sciences

Call for workshop maintenance
The European Commission, in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Business Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Society for Medical and Biological Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina (DMBIUBIH), organizes a regional workshop in the field of biomedical engineering for the first time in BiH: TAIEX event 65375 - BA - TAIEX Regional Workshop, Biomedical Engineering : Biosensors to be held 3. and 4. December, 2018 year Brčko. Registration for participation is open until 23.10.2018. years. All interested are asked to contact dmbiubih@gmail.com to get access to the application form and finalize the application for the workshop. Registration after the scheduled date will not be possible. Note for workshop participants: Within the approved project, according to TAIEX rules, for all participants the travel and accommodation costs will be refunded according to the following principle:
  • Participants who live more than 100 km from the venue have the right to lodge for the night before the start of the workshop and the following night if the event lasts more than one day.
  • For workshops that last more than one day, all participants (except those who live in the city where the workshop is held) can get accommodation for one night (the first day of the workshop), if they so request.
  • Participants who live more than 400 km from the venue have the right to travel by plane, which will be organized by the service provider. If they do not want to travel by plane, travel expenses can be reimbursed as a lump sum based on the most efficient passenger schedules, at the request of the organizer and by prior arrangement with the European Commission. In this case, the service provider will pay a lump sum to cover one return trip to the participant before the event, based on the one-way distance between the place of residence and the place of the event.
Accommodation information will be delivered indefinitely prior to the event by the e-mail address indicated on registration. For further information, please contact dmbiubih@gmail.com. Sincerely, DMBIUBIH Team
Agenda of the workshop
TAIEX Agenda Regional Workshops, Biomedical Engineering: Biosensors to be held 03.12.2018. i 04.12.2018. in Brčko you can download here: