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September 28, 2016
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February 28, 2018

Call for membership

Dear colleagues and colleagues,

Bosnia and Herzegovina Medical and Biological Engineering Society (DMBIUBIH) gathers a large number of university professors, doctors, engineers and technicians in the field of medicine and engineering. With our work we want to contribute to the development of the profession, through additional education and practical training, as well as writing proposals for changes in the by-laws in our country.

Your active involvement in DMBIUBIH simultaneously strengthens our Company and us as individuals, who are employed in various fields of work, often lonely within the core business we work in. Our linking, building standards, criteria and procedures, status in the profession and in the community is of particular importance. We can achieve this through interconnection, exchange of experiences, knowledge, information, dilemma, good organization and willingness to engage in various forms of professional engagement and to set demands and goals before ourselves and before the organization that we belong to in our education and profession.

The activity of the members of the Society can and should contribute to the Company changing and developing in accordance with our professional needs, with the development of the profession as a whole and with the needs of the society in which we live and work.

We invite all interested to actively participate in the work and activities of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Medical and Biological Engineering Society, through engaging in the sections, projects, symposia and bodies that the Society has.

All interested persons who apply for the first time need to send a short biography to the address of the Company by mail or by e-mail ( It is also necessary to pay the annual membership fee to the giro account of the Society for Medical and Biological Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina opened at Privredna Banka Sarajevo dd Sarajevo.

The annual membership fee for students and students of the 1st and 2nd cycle of studies is 10,00KM, and for all other 30,00KM.

Data for payment of membership fee through payment slip:

  • UPLATILAC: First and last name with full address
  • PURCHASE OF PURPOSE: Membership fees
  • PRIMALAC: Society for Medical and Biological Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • AMOUNT: 30KM
  • ACCOUNT ACCOUNT: 101-104-00712649-16, PBS Bank Sarajevo

Data for payment of membership fees from foreign countries:

Beneficiary : Bosnia and Herzegovina Medical and Biological Engineering Society

IBAN Code: IBAN BA39 1011040071264916


56A: CTBAAU2S AUD 06796710003878
BKAUATWVV EUR 126-153-268 / 01
OPSKATWW EUR 4-393-500
RZBAATVVW EUR 001-50-037-423
VSGKAT2K EUR 000-00034-223
DNBANOKK NOK 7001.02.25076
NDEASESS SEK 39527704030

You can download the application form on the link: Application form