Founded Society for Medical and Biological Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina
September 28, 2014
Letter of support
November 2

Members of the Society participated at the Sixth European Conference of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering

Sixth European Conference of the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering MBEC 2014 (more on was held in Dubrovnik (Republic of Croatia) in the period from 07. to 11. September 2014 years. The Dubrovnik Palace Hotel was the place of the conference.

MBEC 2014 is a continuation of a well-known series of European conferences on medical and biological engineering, and was now the reason for the gathering of a large number of scientists and experts from Europe and the World. The main topic of the conference was "Towards New Horizons in Biomedical Engineering".

Representatives of the Society for Medical and Biological Engineering in Bosnia and Herzegovina, led by the Executive Director Almir Badnjević, and the President of the Society's Assembly Prof. Dušanka Bosković, took part in the conference with their three professional / scientific papers. Particularly noteworthy participation was given by Almir Badnjević, who held a lecture entitled "Towards a new medical device regulation in Bosnia and Herzegovina", as well as a session on cardiovascular, respiratory and endocrine system engineering where he was the leader of the session. Rad titled "Diagnosis of Epilepsy from EEG Signals Using Global Power Spectrum", authored by S. Avdaković. I. Omerhodžić, A. Badnjević, D. Bošković, was presented by professor Dušanka Bošković, while the third work of the members of our society was named "Classification of asthma using an integrated software suite", which was presented by Almir Badnjević.

Pored toga, naši predstavnici su imali priliku da se druže i razmjenu iskustva sa najpoznatijim i najuvaženijim svjetskim stručnjacima iz ovog područja.

Considering that the Medical and Biological Engineering Association in Bosnia and Herzegovina submitted an application for membership of the IFMBE community, our representatives also had the opportunity to participate in the first meeting of the IFMBE Regional Meeting of the Council of Associations.

Učešće članova društva na ovoj prestižnoj konferenciji predstavlja dodatnu potvrdu da članovi Društva za medicinski i biološki inžinjering u Bosni i Hercegovini pripadaju samom vrhu evropskih stučnjaka i otvara nove mogućnosti za budući razvoj medicinskog i biološkog inžinjeringa u Bosni i Hercegovini.

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